If at home or work - preparation - look for darkening skies and increased wind. If you hear thunder then you are close enough to be struck by lightning
If at home or work - preparation - keep on monitoring local media for updates and warnings
If at home or work -during lightning - stay indoors and avoid travel if possible
If at home or work -during lightning - ensure that children and animals are inside
If on foot - response - find shelter in a low lying area and make sure that the spot chosen is not likely to flood
If on foot - response - hair standing up on the back of your neck could indicate that lightning is imminent
If on foot - response - do not lie flat on the ground; this will make you a bigger target
If on foot - response -  keep away from utility lines (phone, power, metal fences, trees and hill tops)
If on foot - response - do not shelter under trees as these conduct electricity


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