Operations and Communication Division

The Operations & Communication Division is headed by Advisor (Ops & Comn). He is assisted by two Joint Advisors. The Division comprises of Operations sub-division and Communication & IT sub-division.

Operations Sub- Division

The Operations Sub-Division is headed by Joint Advisor (Operations) who is assisted by one Assistant Advisor (Operations) and two Duty Officers (Operations) along with support staff.
The Operations sub-division ensures situational awareness at NDMA and a continuous flow of latest updated information to enable NDMA to be prepared to render timely advice to the Government of India on disaster situations at all times.

Responsibilities of Operations Sub-Division

  • To monitor disasters at National and International level on near real time basis.
  • Coordination with Early Warning Agencies like IMD, CWC, INCOIS and DGRE for disaster specific information.
  • To facilitate the deployment of NDRF and other Central Resources in the States/UTs during disasters.
  • To work in close coordination with NEC, NDRF and State Governments.
  • To assist in movement of relief material by multiple agencies during response phase of disasters.
  • To carry out coordination of support to other countries affected by major disasters as may be determined by the Central Government.
  • Additional Responsibilities:
    • Coordination and conduct of state level / multistate level mock exercises for various types of disasters in order to inculcate culture of preparedness and to generate awareness.
    • Capacity Building in States/UTs on Incident Response System.
    • Capacity Building of first responders.

Communication & IT Sub Division

The Comn & IT Sub-Division is headed by Joint Advisor (Comn & IT) who is assisted by Assistant Advisor (IT) and Assistant Advisor (Comn) along with support staff. The Comn & IT sub-division is responsible for provisioning of State-of-the-art multi-redundancy communication, IT Support and Knowledge Management.

Responsibilities of Comn & IT Sub-Division

  • Formulation and implementation of National Disaster Communication Network (renamed as NDMS)
  • Interaction and coordination with Central, State Government, related Departments and Early Warning Agencies on Communication and IT Matters.
  • Advice NDRF on matters related to Communication and IT.
  • Interaction and liaison with TSPs for hiring of media, facilities and circuit including dynamic reengineering during disaster contingencies.
  • Technical training on operation and maintenance of Communication and IT Systems.
  • Spectrum and frequency management related to disaster management.
  • Additional Responsibility
    • Maintenance of NDMA Website and DM Awards Portal.
    • Maintenance of Communication and IT System at NDMA