Sustainable Reduction in DR

Project on “Sustainable Reduction in Disaster Risk” in 10 Multi-Hazard prone districts of 5 States in India

NDMA in partnership with five States viz Assam, Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand implemented the project on “Sustainable Reduction in Disaster Risk” since June, 2016 at a total cost of Rs.607.40 lakh which aims to strengthen community and local self-government’s preparedness and response in 10 most multi-hazard vulnerable districts, 2 each in 5 identified States. The project was operational upto 31.03.2020.

Under the project, various activities like formation of DM Teams; Conduct of Sensitization Workshop on CBDM; Preparation of District Specific Work Plan; Updation of DDMPs and SDMPs; Training of Stakeholders on DRR; Preparation of DRR/Recovery Plan; various awareness programme; ToT on CBDM, Training of Govt Officials, NGO, DM Team members; and Conduct of Mock Drills were undertaken.