Reports & Studies

Reports Release Date Download
Mission report of GLOF Risk Assessment & Installation of AWS in Sikkim Sept 2023 Download(7.1 MB) pdf
Compendium of Traditional Earthquake Resilient Construction Practices Sept 2023 Download(21.1 MB) pdf
Training Report Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) Progress Achieved and Way forward March 2023 Download(2.3 MB) pdf
Two days Workshop titled “Mid Term Review & Documentation of Best Practices of Aapda Mitra Scheme” Feb 2023 Download(13.9 MB) pdf
Proceedings of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) Progress Achieved and Way forward Dec 2022 Download(1.06 MB) pdf
Proceedings of Consultative Workshop on Forest Fire Management in India May 2022 Download(10.4 MB) pdf
Assessment of Vulnerability and Threshold of Heat-Related Health Hazards in Four Cities of India. Nov 2022 Download(6.60 MB) pdf
Post-event Report National level Workshop Launch-cum-Training of MIS and Mobile App for Up-scaling of Aapda Mitra Scheme. July 2022 Download(6.00 MB) pdf
Study of Causes & Impacts of the Uttarakhand Disaster on 7 February 2021 in Raunthi Gadhera, Rishiganga & Dhauliganga Valley: Measures to Reduce Disaster Risks. May 2022 Download(5.46 MB) pdf
Write Up on Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DIDRR). Oct 2021 Download(460 KB) pdf
Proceedings of National Webinar on 'Formulation of Policy for Resettlement of Displaced People Affected by Coastal and River Erosion' January 2021 Download(3631 KB) pdf
Proceedings of National Webinar on 'Cold Wave Risk Reduction' December 2020 Download(5373 KB) pdf
Forest Fire Management Global Best Practices July 2020 Download(5373 KB) pdf
Proceedings of National Workshop on “Preparedness, Mitigation & Management of Heat Wave 2020” Feb 2020 Download(111.5 MB) pdf
Proceedings of 15th Formation Day of Ndma on 27 September 2019 Dec 2019 Download(02.76 MB) pdf
Earthquake Disaster Risk Index Report Sept 2019 Download(12.51 MB) pdf
Home Owner's Guide for Earthquake and Cyclone Safety Sept 2019 Download(112.5 MB) pdf
Study Report on Gaja Cyclone -2018 Sept 2019 Download(09.80 MB) pdf
Training of Masons on Hazard Resistant Construction Nov 2018 Download(59.83 MB) pdf
Gujarat Flood 2017 - A case study Nov 2018 Download(28.77 MB) pdf
Tamil Nadu Floods: Lessons Learnt and Best Practices Sept 2017 Download(002.88 MB) pdf
Training Manual: How to conduct emergency management exercise Sept 2015 Download(007.42 MB) pdf
Cyclone Hudhud-Strategies and Lessons for Preparing Better & Strengthening Risk Resilience in Coastal Regions of India. Aug 2015 Download(936.48 KB) pdf
Managing Crowd at Events and Venues of Mass Gathering- A Guide for State Governments, Local Authorities, Administrators and Organizers May 2014 Download(001.21 MB) pdf
Hand Book for Training and Capacity Building of Civil Defence and Sister Organisations(part-I) Apr 2012 Download(004.59 MB) pdf
Hand Book for Training and Capacity Building of Civil Defence and Sister Organisations(paart-II) Apr 2012 Download(003.98 MB) pdf
Threats to Municipal Water Supply and Water Reserviors July 2010 Download(002.26 MB) pdf
Strengthening of safety and security for transportation of POL tankers July 2010 Download(703.56 KB) pdf
Training Regime for Disaster Response June 2008 Download(372.93 KB) pdf
Impact Assessment Report: M 8.7 Shillong 1897 Earthquake Scenario:NE Multi State Preparedness Campaign Aug 2016 Download(3540. KB) pdf
Report on "Study of Brahmaputra River Erosin and its control" May 2012 Download(17.400 MB) pdf
Development of probabilstic SEISMIC hazard map of India - Final Report Sept 2010 Download(6047.0 KB) pdf