Booklets Download
AAPDA MITRA: A prime example of community based disaster management Download(56.5 MB)
DISABILITY INCLUSIVE DRR: Transformative journey towards a disability-inclusive society. Download(34.3 MB)
BEATING THE HEAT: How India successfully reduces mortality due to heatwaves Download(23.8 MB)
GETTING A GRIP ON LANDSLIDES: Reducing the risk of landslides in India Download(37.2 MB)
MOCK EXERCISES: Capicity building through formal training Download(47.5 MB)
NATIONAL DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLAN: A comprehensive step towards reducing disaster risk Download(28.7 MB)
PSYCHOSOCIAL CARE: Mitigating impact of disasters on mental health Download(22.6 MB)
REACHING OUT TO SAVE LIVES: How social media transformed India's readiness towards disasters Download(72.5 MB)
THUNDERSTORM AND LIGHTNING: Tackling weather hazards Download(70.0 MB)