Strengthening of SDMA/DDMA

Brief on the scheme “Strengthening of SDMAs and DDMAs” 

  •  NDMA implemented the Scheme ‘Strengthening of State Disaster Management Authorities (SDMAs) and District Disaster Management Authorities (DDMAs)’ with the objective to improve the effectiveness of all SDMAs and selected DDMAs and making them functionally operational by providing dedicated DM professionals for taking up measures for the prevention, mitigation, preparedness and capacity building to deal with the threatening disaster situation or disasters.
  • The Scheme was approved at a cost of Rs. 42.5091 crores for implementation in all the States/ UTs for 20 month during the period from 01.06.2015 to 31.03.2018. The scheme provided for financial support to SDMAs of all the 36 States/ UTs & selected 256 DDMAs.
  • 28 out of 29 States and 6 out of 7 Union Territories signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for implementation of the scheme in their respective States/ UTs. State Government of Tamilnadu and UT of Delhi did not sign MoU for implementation of the scheme.
  • There was also a provision of Scheme Implementation Unit (SIU) at NDMA under the Scheme, with staff strength of one Project Associate, one Data Entry Operator and one Peon. The total amount spent for the SIU was Rs. 12.3825 lakh. Thus, as on 31.03.2018, total amount spent/released for the Scheme is Rs. 2246.96045 Lakh (Rs. 2234.57795 lakh on States/ UTs and Rs.12.3825 Lakh on SIU).